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Selected feedback from collectors

I have the privilege to own four paintings by Jeanette Innala. All four paintings have spoken to my heart and my soul, they have found me and I have immediately felt that these are "my paintings".

I love these creations and they magically compliment my and my family's home. THANK YOU Jeanette for your magic creations - they come from one heart to another.

Jeanette E

I have several artworks by Jeanette Innala. My latest painting is called" the first dive". I just love it. So grateful to have it in my home. The great thing about her paintings is that they speak to you and convey messages.

Cathrine G

Jeanette has the ability to convey something that touches you in her art. I had a hard time choosing a painting- everyone spoke to me in different way. The painting I finally chose is amazing. I find something new in it every day. I am so incredibly grateful that I have it hanging on my wall. What a gift. 

Ewa S